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• Discover Scuba Diving (D.S.D) & Bubble maker                           
Experience how it feels to be weightless and take a look at the amazing underwater world.

• Scuba Diver
On finishing this course you will be certified to dive up to a depth of 12 meters with a dive professional.

• Open Water Diver
Get your first diving certification, it's recognized worldwide. Max depth 18m.

• Advanced Diver
Broaden your diving knowledge with 5 different adventure dives. Max depth 30m.

Adventure Dive
Choose one of the adventure dives which can count towards your advanced course or speciality course

• Rescue Diver
Learn how to prevent and handle problems. Become a better buddy.

• E.F.R
The Emergency First Response course is a lay first and secondary aid course

• Divemaster
Become a dive leader, first professional level

• E.learning
If you wish to do your theory online before you come and dive with us.


• Nitrox
Learn how you can extend your no decompression limits with enriched air nitrox.
• Deep Speciality
Learn how you can dive even deeper to a max depth of 40m.

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the PADI continue
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Euro Dive offers a full range of PADI courses ranging from beginner level (introductory dives) to professional level (divemaster). PADI is the world’s largest diving association and has great concern for diving safety.

Euro Dive has its own swimming pool for confined water sessions during courses if sea conditions are not suitable..