Depth: 3-21m / All Levels / Access from Shore / protected waters, coral, critters, sandy slope.

Just behind the diving center is Lipah Bay. This is a great site for snorkelers, for discovering scuba diving or new divers wanting to develop their skills in calm, clear waters.

Advanced photographers looking for strange critters will also love this site. Look out for lion fish, moray eels, small frogfish, leaf scorpion fish, ornate ghost pipefish, mimic octopuss, seahorses...The reef is very healthy and colorful, it’s like a giant aquarium only a few meters away from the shore.

Depth: 6-35m / Advanced Divers / Access by boat / Slope/ Garden eels, Big fish, gorgonians, good visibility/ moderate to strong current.

One of the prettiest dive sites in Amed. It takes 10 minutes from our dive shop by local outrigger or jukung to get to the dive site. You drop down onto a gigantic eel garden, following the gentle slope you find huge sponges, blue spotted stingrays, beautiful pink gorgonians, morays, giant barracudas, pygmy seahorses, unbelievable quantities of reef fish and, frequently, black tip reef shark.

Depth: 2-30m / All levels / Access from shore/ small wreck
& coral dive / staghorn corals / possible currents.

Just a few meters away from the shore, in shallow water, lies a 20meter long shipwreck fully covered with healthy soft and hard corals suitable for all levels of divers and for snorkellers. The reef behind the shipwreck is one of the most colourful and  healthiest reefs around the Amed area. This site has much to offer for experienced divers too, such as leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimp and small critters. Other predators tend to hang out around the wreck, attracted by the swarms of tiny fish.

Depth: 6-30m / Advanced Divers / Access by boat / strong to moderate curent / big fish, school of jacks.

Just 15 minutes from Eurodive by  jukung there is a challenging drift dive along beautiful topography and healthy coral reef. You drop into a coral garden at around 5m then the current picks you up and takes you off. Divers very often see plenty of reef fish, turtles, sharks and all sorts of big fish.

Depth: 1-21m / All Divers / Access from shore or boat / easy snorkeling and beach diving in a protected bay or dive along the drop off (5/40m)

There are two dives in Jemeluk. The protected bay offers easy snorkeling, beach diving and some artifical reef as well as a beautiful coral garden. One of the good spots to find ghost pipefish, batfish glide between the statues and you’ll find plenty of scorpion fish. Schools of big mouth mackrels patrol the area.
The wall is a dive in clear water along a steep drop off (80m). Carried by the gentle current, divers are astonished by the abundance of fish life from macro size to bigger ones and the huge pink gorgonian fan corals.


Depth: 5-22m / All Divers / Access by boat or shore / Slope / garden eels, stingrays, frogfish, pygme seahorses/ good for photography / artificial reef / possible curent & drift dive.

Several pyramid-shaped concrete structures on a sandy bottom form lovely artificial reefs around 20m. Those open-block structures were placed here by the local community in the early 1990's as fish aggregation devices. The pyramids are coated in marine growth and many have become cleaning stations for passing fish such as snappers, sweetlips and surgeons. A natural Coral reef from 5m to 18m borders the area. It’s possible to see critters like pygmy seahorse, leaf scorpionfish, frogfish and turtles. Some current may occur depending on the tides.

Depth: 6-35m / very experienced divers / Access by boat / Slope / Big fish, gorgonians, good visibility & possible curent / drift dive.

At the most eastern tip of Bali, this site offers a dive to remember because of its difficult character. Strong currents keep the coral reef healthy; lots of fish, sharks and even mola mola can be seen at this spot.  Only for very experienced divers.