Depth: 3-25m / All Levels / Access from Shore / protected waters, coral, critters, reef sharks.

The Coral Garden ranges from 2 to 15 m. Hard and soft coral carpets the ground as well as a field of anemones. The beautiful blue-yellow ribbon eel has found a home here.

This dive site is a superb snorkelling spot with none to moderate current. Squid and cuttlefish are just a few of the thousands of animals found here. Small black tip reef sharks are often spotted in the shallows.


Depth: 8-30m / All levels / Acces from Shore / Easy wreck diving, corals and lots of fishes.

The 120 meter long USAT Liberty wreck is a must see. The site is said to be the safest large wreck dive in the world. The USAT Liberty was a United States Army Transport cargo ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in January 1942 in the Lombok straits and towed back to the beach in Tulamben for salvaging where it was left as the war effort moved on. In 1963, Mount Agung’s eruption moved the ship off the beach, and the Liberty's wreck is now a popular dive site. She is lying on her side at a depth ranging from 8 to 30 meters. It's one of the most popular dives site in Bali so can get crowded in the high season.


Depth: 15-40m / Advanced Divers / Access from shore / wreck penetration / big fish.

Located in Kubu Village, the so-called ‘kubu wreck’ can be reached in 10 minutes by car from the Liberty wreck dive site.

In 2012, a 45meter weather patrol ship was purposedly sunk to make this site.  Despite the lack of coral growth, this is an exciting wreck dive. Standing upright, the ship is full of fun artefacts, a safari car you can have your picture taken in, suitcases full of budhha statues and the old helm you can pose at for fun pictures. The surrounding reef is beautiful and you may encounter wandering reef sharks…

Depth: 8-40m / All levels with good buoyancy / Access from Shore / none to moderate current / octopus, scorpion fish, occasional pelagics.

To the right of the coral garden, the slopes drop off quite rapidely making for an exceptional wall dive. Hidding in the rocks and coral formations you will find octopus and scorpions fish aplenty and the occasional pelagic pops up from the blue. The shallow top of the drop off makes for a colourful return journey.

Depth: 2-20m / All Divers / Access from shore / muck dive / photographers' dream.

Sandy rocky slope with little coral but lots of small critters (harlequin + other shrimps), which makes it a great muck dive. You'll also find Lionfish, batfish and ribbon eels and dome-shaped metal structures. Great dive site for macro photography


Depth: 5-40m / Advanced Divers / Access by boat only / big sponges / pelagics.

Batu Kelebit is a pinnacle. This sloping mound ends in a series of deep finger reefs fed by coldwater currents keeping the coral here rich and healthy. These currents can be quite strong. The deep reefs are covered in coral growth similar to that found in Nusa Penida with beautiul sea fans and orange soft corals. It slopes onto a white sandy bottom, where whitetip reef sharks sometimes rest. This is the site in Tulamben where big pelagics have been reported.