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    We are a diving company operating in Amed/Tulamben. Established in 1999 with a five star PADI licence (R-6402). We follow all PADI standards and training procedures. We have experienced English, French and German instructors to ensure your safety and thorough dive training. We only use well-maintained top brand equipment and our tanks undergo annual visual inspections.

    To help preserve Amed, EURO DIVE supports the local community by teaching diving to selected locals as well as employing locals. Most of our staff are local Balinese. We hire local fishermen for boat diving and local porters to carry dive equipment.

    We also organize and conduct ecological projects. These include doing frequent beach clean-ups, installing mooring lines on dive sites, teaching local fishermen and divers healthy reef habits,  conducting reef checks/monitoring coral-eating druppella snail removal and underwater clean ups.

    We closely collaborate with Reef Check Indonesia as an ‘eco diver’ centre, providing regular scientific data to the NGO to support the effort to bring about a network of protected areas around Bali ( in partnership with Conservation International and Peduli Alam).


    We have a diving centre specially designed to receive divers with an office/chilling room, equipment room, classroom, a drying area/ getting-ready room and a tank filling/equipment room. We have a top quality compressor and clean, safe vehicles to take you anywhere for shore dives.

    Lipah beach and its pristine reef are only a 100m away and we use the local fishermen’s boats, Jukungs, for boat dives.


    We are a small friendly team, with professional instructors, fluent in English, French, German, Spanish and Indonesian.
    Our experienced local dive masters will make every dive a unique experience, showing you critters large and small from macro shrimp to big pelagic animals.
    Our team is eager to help you with everything from setting up equipment to ideas for dining out.  Most importantly, we enjoy sharing our passion of the underwater world and endeavour to make you as hooked on diving as we are!


    Amed lies on the North- Eastern tip of Bali, about two and a half hours drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. In Amed, you will find quiet beaches, reefs and the traditional Balinese way of life.

    Amed refers to a long stretch of coast running from the village of Culik about 10 km eastwards and incorporating several villages, such as Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas. Amed’s inhabitants live from fishing, salt- making and tourism. The pace of life here is slow and the coastal scenery quite stunning making Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali.

    This is the most commonly used base for visitors wishing to dive the USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben (30 minutes drive) and to discover the spectacular sites around Amed

    The exceptionally rich underwater flora and fauna in this region of Bali is a result of the combination of the ‘Indonesian ‘through flow’ and its location (only 8 degrees from the equator in the world’s richest marine bio-geographic zone).

    The Indonesian ‘through flow’ pushes plankton rich water from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean through the Lombok straits (between Bali and Lombok). This plankton attracts fish, attracting bigger fish, attracting bigger fish and so on.

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